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On Countering Pseudoscience: Interview mit „Dr. Anna“

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Beim CSI ist ein ausführliches Interview mit unserer Skeptical-Referentin Anna Zakrisson erschienen.

Ein Auszug:

Merkelbach: Living in Germany, having grown up in Sweden, what are your main concerns about pseudoscience, homeopathy, and the anti-vaxx movement in Europe?

Zakrisson: My primary concern is the antivaccine movement as it leaves bodies in its wake. It is an extremely dangerous movement, and I am hoping that not too many need to die before people come to their senses. The most upsetting part is that it is those who cannot decide themselves who are the most at risk: young children. It is simply upsetting. I struggle every day to keep my emotions out of the discussion. It isn’t easy.

Homeopathy, I mostly saw as comedy relief, until they started giving out homeopathic remedies as “treatments” for Ebola and HIV. Then, it wasn’t funny anymore.“

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