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TED-Video mit Carry Poppy: Why we need science to deal with paranormal activity

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Carrie Poppy vom skeptischen Podcast „Oh No Ross and Carrie“ sprach bei einem TEDx-Talk in Wien zum Thema

A scientific approach to the paranormal“

In the talk, I speak about my own experience coming to understand truth in a new way. It starts when I was about 25, and had recently moved to Los Angeles, where I lived in a small guest house behind a larger property.

Through a series of events, including auditory hallucinations and a strange foreboding pressure on my chest, I came to believe the guest house was haunted.


But as you’ll learn if you watch the talk, the explanation turned to be a much more worldly, and perhaps frightening, one. Yet I only discovered this alternate (and correct) explanation for my “haunting” because someone dared to challenge me.“

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