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„Homöopathie neu gedacht“ von Natalie Grams jetzt auch auf Englisch – mit Verlosung

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Jetzt auch auf Englisch:

Aus der Ankündigung:

Homeopathy is over 200 years old and is still experiencing an uninterrupted influx of new practitioners and patients. Many patients and therapists swear by this „alternative healing method“, which in some countries is even financed by health insurances. This seems completely incomprehensible to critics: For them it is clearly evident that homeopathy is hopelessly unscientific and has at best a placebo effect.


The positions of supporters and opponents seem to be just as immutable as they are incompatible. This book answers some essential and fascinating questions: What remains of the founding ideas of homeopathy in 21st century medicine? Does it really work and, if so, how? Which of the original theories can we still apply today with a clear conscience and use for the benefit of patients and the healthcare system? Where does homeopathy have its limits and does it indeed need to be critically reconsidered and evaluated?

The author has dealt with the points of criticism for years, but at the same time also takes seriously the wishes and concerns of patients who often feel insufficiently cared for by conventional medical practice. Against the background of her own personal history, her book attempts to bridge the gap between these two traditionally opposing camps.

Dazu verlost Natalie Grams „fünf Freixemplare #homeopathy reconsidered unter denjenigen, die mir eins ihrer Lieblingszitate von mir hier in die Kommentare schreiben. Egal ob aus TV, Radio, Vortrag, Print oder von Twitter.“

Zum Weiterlesen:

  • Natalie Grams: Homeopathy Reconsidered. What Really Helps Patients. Springer 2019, 124 Seiten, 24,60 €
  • „Homöopathie neu gedacht“ von Natalie Grams: Zweite Auflage, neuer Preis, neues Vorwort, GWUP-Blog am 28. November 2017

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  1. Die Verlosung ist leider schon zu Ende und die GewinerInnen sind informiert. Danke fürs Mitmachen!

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