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Video: „Drinking Poison“ – Myles Power über die MMS- und DMSO-Quacks bei Youtube

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Apropos „MSM-Schwefeltherapie“:

Auch Myles Power hat gerade ein Video gemacht über „The Quack That Wants You to Drink Hydrogen Peroxide“.

Konkret geht es um die selbsternannte „Nutritional Consultant“ Justine Haynes – aber seine Ausführungen sind verallgemeinerbar.

Pseudoscience is everywhere – on daytime television, on nearly every organic food label, and, most of all, online. Here, due to the lack of any real legal consequences, quackery is rampant and showing no sign of slowing down or going back to the dark ages where it belongs.

The industry is becoming so massive and lucrative that it is spawning its own cottage industry made from its own victims. These once duped chumps have now become the self-proclaimed health experts and they seem to be fighting it out to see who can promote the most bizarre cure-all tonic. Recently, I have become aware of Justine Iannello Haynes who want you to drink hydrogen peroxide. Justine runs the YouTube channel, ‘Happy Health’, and calls herself a “nutritional consultant”. Like so many of these second-generation quacks, Justine has turned her back on the old ways in favour of promoting more radical, maverick, and natural remedies.

So what, you are probably asking yourself, natural remedies does this “nutritional consultant” recommend that you consume. Justine promotes the consumption of the pola solvent DMSO, the industrial bleach MMS, the household laundry and cleaning compound borax, magnetised water, and the bleaching agent hydrogen peroxide, to name a few.

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